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Atlantic salmon rillette quenelle

The Atlantic salmon rillette quenelle with mascarpone, delicately flavored with fine herbs, is an exceptional gastronomic experience that awakens the most demanding taste buds. This culinary creation at Rebelle Bistro is a tribute to the freshness of the Atlantic Ocean, married to the creativity of our daring cuisine.

The quenelle, soft and creamy thanks to the mascarpone, embodies the perfect fusion between the richness of the salmon and the delicacy of fine herbs. It is based on a slice of crunchy fennel which brings a touch of elegance and freshness. The crispy bacon bits add a flavorful, textured dimension to the whole thing, while the drizzle of virgin oil and lemon adds a note of tangy freshness that harmoniously balances each bite.

This dish embodies the very soul of Rebelle Bistro, where culinary creativity combines with quality ingredients to create a memorable taste experience. Each element of this dish is carefully crafted to harmonize flavors, textures and aromas, providing our guests with an exceptional dining experience. Taste the Atlantic salmon rillette quenelle with mascarpone and let yourself be carried away on a unique culinary journey to the heart of rebel cuisine.

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